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karmisse's Journal

average ghost story.
30 April

I'm 24 year old EGL from Finland.
My friends call me Karmis.
My cats and Moi même Moitié are what motivates me in life.
Dir en grey is my fave band~
(I'm bad at profile pages, because I really don't like talking about myself.)

Important music to me:
Dir en grey, Breaking Benjamin, D'espairsRay, Blutengel, Placebo,
INFINITE, TVXQ, Big Bang, Han Geng, B.A.P, Block B, Super Junior,
Rammstein, Mudvayne, Pearl Jam, kagrra,, kagerou, Distraught Overlord, Moi dix Mois, System of a Down,
Korn, Foo Fighters, Poets of the Fall, the Crash, Metallica, Sentenced, Nightwish,
Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Disturbed, and many many others.
Yeah, my music taste is very wide.

My journal is Friends only.
And it's on/off active.
I post as often as I can and I try reply to PMs & comments ASAP.